Is Life Coaching for me?

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Is Life Coaching for me?

As a Life Coach for the past 20 years, I’m still surprised to meet people who are not aware of what coaching really is and how it can make a difference in their lives.

When I told friends and family in France that I was leaving my successful sales manager career to spend a year learning Professional Coaching, with eyes wide open they wondered what I was doing! In 2000 it was a new job unfamiliar to most people. They wondered if I’d be coaching soccer. No kidding ! In North America, the term “coach” is more common, but people are still confused about the meaning of Life Coaching. Here in Vancouver, I had a Business Coach, a Golf Coach, a Fitness Coach, a Tennis Coach… In France the term “coach” is not used in the same way.

What does a Life Coach do exactly? A coach will not tell you what to do (this is consulting) but will help you find your solutions. So a coach’s job is to help you reach your goals, whatever they are, even if it’s just to clarify them.  A Coach that chooses you as a client is confident that you have the inner ressources you need to succeed and will support you unconditionally through the entire process.

Some of the topics I’ve helped my clients with recently are :

  • Being efficient in my new challenging job
  • Getting rid of boulimia
  • Speaking with ease in public
  • Reinforcing my self esteem
  • Finding serenity in my relationship
  • Being confident during exams
  • Being at peace with my mother
  • Finding integrity and balance in my life
  • Launching personal development workshops
  • Being calm and relaxed with my kids
  • Dealing with overwelming negative emotions
  • Finding my”life-mission”
  • Being confident in my life choices…

Often my clients have good energy and successful lives and they also have goals to reach. Most of the stumbling blocks aren’t obvious so it’s very hard to get rid of them alone.

In the beginning coaching was designed for athletes. The results of this mental training were so impressive that it was extended to the business world, mainly managers and sales forces. Now it’s available for everyone.

You just need to be willing to change and to work at your best level. Nice program isn’t it ?

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