What is this amazing NLP tool?

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What is this amazing NLP tool?

You don’t know what NLP means ? No worries, most people don’t. That’s surprising to me because NLP is about 40 years old and in my opinion, is one of the most powerful tools for change on the planet ! NLP means Neuro Linguistic Programming.

  • Neuro : Perception, storage and information restitution depend on our nervous system and our brain.
  • Linguistic : Language structure (verbal/non verbal) reflects mind structure. Each word is linked to a specific experience or feeling.
  • Programming:  Messages received (experience)  integrate themselves in their own way and develop habits, know-how and reflexes (learning).

Origins : In the 70’s, two american psychologist doctors : John Grinder (linguist) and Richard Bandler (mathematician) managed to reproduce excellence, create change methodology and interaction improvement.

NLP is an approach to :

  • Raise performance
  • Reach goals
  • Improve communication
  • Promote fulfillment

NLP raises your conciousness : What do I really want to do with my life ?

  1. The first step is to be aware of your :
    • Environment
    • World vision
    • Inner forces and core values
    • What is important for you (life construction)
  2. Then you recognize your personal resources (mental strategies, optimization of interior life) and manage your relationships (communication strategies, belief changes, phobia treatment, resolving past issues)
  3. Finally, you clarify your vision (future) : personal, professional or family projects. You organise the different aspects of your life and set your goals. You will then have awareness of what you really want to achieve.

With NLP you’ll work on  7 keys to fulfill yourself in your personal and professional life :

  1. World vision : Integrate principles that allow you to enrich your vision of the world and develop your flexibility.
  2. Life direction : choose and create the life you want for you. Become completely your life author and actor.
  3. Efficiency : acquire “action guides” to precisely define your goals and reach them in a more systematic way.
  4. Excellence : Know and reproduce your “excellence strategies” to work at a high level of performance in the field of your choice and give your best.
  5. Personal development : Eliminate emotions, behaviors and habits that are limiting you today.
  6. Effective communication : Communicate in a clear and powerful way. Improve your ability to convince and positively influence people.
  7. Relational quality : Learn win-win negotiation and develop constructive relationships with people around you.

Sound interesting? Share with me what you’d like to improve thanks to NLP. I’d be happy to give you some tips.

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