Life Coach in Vancouver / Workshops

Benefits of  Life Coaching

Fast and efficient approach to restore self-esteem, confidence and serenity.

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Coaching helps you improve all aspects of your life.

Individual coaching sessions help you reach your goals and eliminate obstacles to attain a successful life and find meaning and harmony.

If you are looking for results and well-being, this coaching is for you!

Together, we will :

Analyze  your present situation. Clarify your life, resources and roadblocks.
Clearly visualize your desired situations and goals.
Eliminate unconscious obstacles and attain balance and success.

You may wish  :

  • A real evolution in your life, enlightenment in its deep meaning
  • A better understanding of yourself and others
  • Optimization of your inner resources and life-talents
  • Clarification of your goals and life-priorities
  • Work / Life Balance
  • Reinforcement of inner peace, self-esteem and integrity
  • To eliminate phobias, improve your sleep or relax mentally and physically
  • To reach a healthy weight, better energy and inner resources, …

This will work for you as it has worked for the numerous clients I’ve had the pleasure of working with for the past 19 years. As you will see from the “About” page, I have a great deal of experience and skill in helping people. The next step now is to contact me to schedule a first meeting.


Complimentary validation session

This first meeting takes about one hour, it will be conducted in my office on 21st Street in North Vancouver (a short 10 minutes drive from Lions Gate Bridge or easily accessible by seabus & bus) or by video or phone. We’ll discuss briefly what your needs are and talk about the general process and some of the different tools we may use. Feel free to ask questions and take the time to decide whether you’d like to work with me. We start with a 12-session contract (one hour per week) at a cost of $140 per session, which includes homework and follow-up. This contract would be tailor made to your specific needs and may be continued on a monthly basis, if required.


NLP & Hypnosis

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Erickson Hypnosis are the main techniques I use. NLP is an incredible Change, Motivation, Communication and Resource mobilization tool. Erickson Hypnosis or New Hypnosis allows the use of the infinite resources of our unconscious and considerably amplifies the power of NLP techniques.

NLP techniques



Relaxation & Reiki

If you’re looking to manage your stress or improve the quality of your sleep, Relaxation is an excellent option. This technique is based on diaphragmatic breathing work and the states of muscular and mental tonus. Reiki is an easy and natural therapeutic technique that allows you to receive the universal vital energy. As a spiritual discipline, its holistic and beneficent energy revitalizes body and soul.

Relaxation sessions





Personal development workshops allow you to work on your personal issues and also to learn more about yourself.  You take advantage of small group synergy and invest only $60 for each 2 hour workshop (including follow-up by an experienced Life Coach). You experiment with efficient and easy to use tools. You find support in a confidential and professional environment. You feel confidence and well being.

The themes are :

  • Fundamental Needs
  • Core Values
  • How to say No
  • Manage your Emotions
  • Self esteem and Confidence
  • Time Management
  • Relaxation, …