Here are the main NLP techniques I use 


To improve communication:

  1. Active listening: gather information without judgement or interpretation
  2. Rapport: build and maintain positive contact
  3. Feedback: be aware of the impact of your behaviour
  4. Language compass: refine your questioning qualities
  5. Handling objections: 10 ways to intervene
  6. Meta-programs: multiply your motivation impact, improve by working differently

To optimize your emotions:

  1. Anchoring: automatically reach a positive emotional state
  2. Interference: get rid of unpleasant memories
  3. Time line: reset a negative emotion
  4. Parts integration: move freely towards your goals

To change a behaviour, a negative position, a belief, a fear, a phobia…

  1. Self image: improve your self esteem
  2. Compliments: work at your very best
  3. Swish: act differently
  4. Six steps change: change a bad habit
  5. Simple dissociation: reset a negative reaction
  6. Anchor deactivation: change a behaviour
  7. Belief change: deactivation of limiting belief
  8. Double dissociation: phobia or important trauma treatment
  9. Life story change: solve a problem or improve a repetitive pattern
  10. Re-imprinting: change a very strong negative impression
  11. Core-process: deactivate a fundamental fear (or any problem)

To reach your goals:

  1. Anchor association: develop your motivation level
  2. Identity work: really progress in a field
  3. Magic square: reinforce a resource, live at full potential
  4. Life Quality challenge: be actor and creator of your life
  5. Life metaphor: build a beneficial life metaphor
  6. Modeling: reproduce excellence behaviour, find your own excellence strategy
  7. Life building: find out what’s really important for you, structure your life fields


Ericksonian Hypnosis


Hypnosis is a natural state we often experiment during the day, for example when we’re in an awake dreaming state. We all practice hypnosis without knowing it when we use a presupposition or a metaphor.

Hypnosis in my practice is conversational hypnosis. It is spoken inductions that you’ll not necessary notice. This direct communication with your unconscious will give you access to millions of information it keeps in memory.

For Milton Erickson, unconscious is our greatest resource. It has a more developed accuracy of perception and wisdom than the “conscious” part.

When I use Ericksonian hypnosis during a coaching session, you are always aware and you remember everything that happens. You may be surprise to feel particularly relaxed, it’s very simple and so efficient!