Relaxation – Stress Management

You may need to work on your body. Stress therapy and Relaxation will help you:

  • Eliminate muscular and nervous tensions
  • Stimulate respiration and blood circulation
  • Regulate internal organ function
  • Manage stress and regulate sleep
  • Develop memory and creativity
  • Increase consciousness

At the beginning of a Relaxation session, we’ll take the time to discuss the changes, questions and experiences of the week. Then we’ll do some efficient preparatory exercises (shoulders, wrists, arms, legs, back …) before the deep relaxation part. Finally we’ll have a period of integration and time to speak about what you experienced.

Usui Reiki

This access to Universal Energy brings deep relaxation and allows the body to reconfigure on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. You can either receive a Reiki treatment or learn how to treat yourself and others.