Relaxation Sessions


Step-by-step during the relaxation sessions, the level of consciousness changes and reaches increasingly deep stages.

  1. Beta: state of wakefulness, 1st degree corporal scheme

  • 1st session: arms, legs
  • 2nd session: arms, legs, pelvis
  • 3rd session: arms, legs, pelvis, head
  1. Alpha: sophroliminal state, 2nd degree corporal scheme

  • 4th session: Breathing (1st)
  • 5th session: Breathing (2nd)
  • 6th session: Internal organs
  • 7th session: Solar plexus opening and waves
  • 8th session: Bloodstream
  • 9th session: Immune system
  1. Deep Alpha: pre-sleep, mental relaxation

  • 10th session: Screen technique, colors and landscapes
  • 11th session: Wakeful dream, symbolic image: water
  • 12th session: Wakeful dream, symbolic image: the hermit
  • 13th session: Wakeful dream, symbolic image: the staircase
  • 14th session: Positive situation
  1. Theta: light sleep, creative visualization

  • 15th session: Build one’s peace haven
  • 16th session: Pink Bubble (wish)
  • 17th session: Letting go
  • 18th session: Interior child and spiritual guide
  • 19th session: Opening energy centers
  • 20th session: Self-esteem
  • 21st session: Waterfall (seated relaxation)
  • 22nd session: The cornucopia
  • 23rd session: The feminine archetype
  • 24th session: The masculine archetype