It has been easy finally to let go of a burden I’ve been carrying for more than 10 years and that prevented me from living. Results of 3 month of NLP: back to a definite balance, lightness, feeling of recovered freedom.

Woman, 50 years old (3 months).

Today, I start living as I always dreamed I would. Your techniques, attitude and availability allowed me to find myself again, to gain confidence and  a renewed appetite for life.

Man, 26 years old (6 months).

It’s been very beneficial for me to focus on my needs, what I really need to make me happy. You were really listening and passed me your knowhow for my well being. I feel stronger, full of energy. I have more self-confidence.

Man, 34 years old (12 sessions).

Very interesting and rich work that gave me structure, enlightenment, rapprochement and reconciliation with myself that I appreciated a lot. A very big thank you.

Woman, 47 years old (15 sessions).

 I always admired your wholehearted positivism, your enthusiasm, your professionalism, and your warmth.

Woman, 50 years old.

Thank you for being there, no matter the distance…to help me grow and give me energy to take action.

Woman, 30 years old.